Students' Achievements in Piano Practical Examination.

Excerpt from Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 Second Movement. Live Recording 2000. Sylvia Ng, Soloist; Yan Ying Wing, conductor. Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore.

Claris Hwang, believed to be the youngest who passed Grade 8 Trinity College London at the age of five.

Excerpts from Sylvia Ng Piano Studio Student Concert July 6, 2014.

Excerpts piano playing of Ms Sylvia Ng’ students featuring:

  • Ng Jian Min (passed Associated Trinity College of London with Distinction),
  • Sarah Zhu (Diploma of The Associated Board Royal School of Music),
  • Sharon Saik , 15 years old (Diploma of The Associated Board Royal School of Music, Licentiate of Trinity College London with Distinction) ,
  • Claris Hwang (believed to be the youngest who passed Associated Board Royal School of Music Grade 5 with Merit at the age of 4),
  • Axiom Kosasih (Highest scorer piano practical exam, SJI 2013),
  • Jessica Quek (passed Associated Trinity College of London at the age of 14),
  • Jonah Ryan Lim (passed Associated Trinity College of London at the age 11),
  • Faith Lim (passed Associated Board Royal School of Music Grade 5 with Distinction at the age of 7)

Claris Hwang, 3 years old, believed to be the youngest who passed Gr 1 ABRSM  with Merit at the age of 3.

Ms. Sylvia Ng 's student:
Jonah Ryan Lim, passed Diploma Associate at the age of 11, and Jonathan Tay,
passed Gr 8 ABRSM with Merit at the age of 11.

"An excerpt from Radio Symphony 92.4 (Singapore)

an interview with Wang Congyu on April 22, 2013.

"Extraordinary method ...awesome a system devised!!!!!!
....BRILLIANT!!!...REMARKABLE gift as a Teacher in such creative ways!"

Louanne Fuchs Long, US Professor of Piano Pedagogy University of Redlands

"Ms. Sylvia is a very dedicated teacher who has an amazing ability to nurture students. She is able to bring out the best in them, no matter how young and my daughters progress really quickly under her guidance. Both my daughters adore her very much...My girls are truly blessed to have her as teacher as she is a gem."
Mother of Crystal and Claris Hwang

"Ms Sylvia is a very patient, understanding and dedicated teacher who has inspired in me a love for music and the piano.  She always gives me useful and effective tips to help me improve my piano playing and it has been a joy learning piano with her the past 11 years (Sharon Saik, passed Licentiate of Trinity College London with Distinction, Diploma of the ABRSM)

"...thank you for your guidance, patience and encouragement. It has been a tremendous joy learning from you..."
Shannon Yap, Associated of Trinity College London

"I like learning from Ms. Sylvia because she is very kind and understanding and patient and  I lenjoy learning piano from her.  Whenever I have difficulties with playing the pieces, she would always teach me until I know how to play them.  It is really a joy to take piano lesson here as Ms . Sylvia teaches many good technique to play the piano"

Tong Tung Kei, 11 years old,  passed Gr 8 ABRSM with Distinction

"The lesson is very good" commented Ng Jing Chun on Sylvia's masterclass

"We like learning at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio because of the teaching method."  Celeste Ngiam and Joy Sim

"The studio has dedicated teachers that offer their expertise and knowledge
in music learning and help to motivate students to practice harder, in hope
of excelling. studio also utilises advanced equipment to enhance the
learning process, thus cultivating students¡¯ interest in music." (Ong En Yi, passed Diploma of the ABRSM with Distinction).

Ong En Yi,

Jessica speaks fondly of her patient teachers at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio
Jenny Chow, Jessica Quek mother

"The dedication of the teachers makes Sylvia Ng Piano Studio an excellent place for learning piano. Under their patient guidance, this learning journey has been a pleasant and memorable one. " Teo Yi Lyn

I enjoy learning at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio because of the master classes (Kristabella Low, passed Gr 8 ABRSM with Distinction)  Kristabella Low, 12

at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio I find great pleasure playing piano  Shen Jing Jing, 9

Thank you for teaching ... You are the best teacher ...a kind teacher...  Jolene Teo, 8, 30 August 04

... totally appreciate the gentleness of Miss Sylvia and her enthusiasm in music. .. the studio is definitely an excellent studio for leaning piano Janna Yang

...Thanks for helping me along so far and giving me an interest in music  Audrey Wong

I always enjoy learning the piano at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio because of the
unique and interesting method used. 
Marie Lim

Sylvia accurately point out my weakness and advise me how to enhance the expression and technique.. .   Masaki Hamada


2015 Sylvia Ng Piano Studio Studentsí Achievements: Jonah Ryan Lim was accepted into Young Artist Program for Bachelor of Music at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Chan Si Min (Grade 8 ABRSM with Distinction), Koon Tian Hui (Grade 8 ABRSM with Distinction), Rachel Alexandra (Grade 7 ABRSM with Distinction), Ho Si Hua (Grade 8 ABRSM with Merit), Elaine Jumeidi Alexandra (Distinction), Koh Xuan Wen (Merit), Leong Shu Ting (Merit), Chan Si Ya (Merit), Jeremiah Neoh (Merit), Iman Khan (Distinction), Carol Gan (Merit), Rachel Koh (Merit), Wong Naijie (Distinction), Chong Fu Rong (Merit), Andrew James-Lee Lawson (Merit), Samuel McMurran (Merit). Ian Chin (Associate of Trinity College London)

2014 Sylvia Ng Piano Studentsí Achievements: Sharon Saik (Licentiate of Trinity College London with Distinction), Tong Tung Kei (Grade 8 ABRSM with Distinction), Claris Hwang, 5 years old (Grade 8 Trinity College London), Crystal Hwang , 7 years old (Grade 8 Trinity College London), Lisa Oeij, 6 years old (Grade 3 ABRSM with Distinction), Ian Chin (Grade 8 ABRSM with Merit), Andrew Lawson (Merit), Ichel Hu (Merit), Koon Tian Hui (Merit), Chan Yi Shi (Merit), Lucinda Li (Merit), Matthew Lee (Merit), Ange Ling (Merit), Jennifer Chang (Merit), Kiera Oeij (Merit), Daniel Arif (Merit), Emily Arif (Merit), Ariel Tan (Merit), Zara Soong (Merit), Ryan Yap (Merit), Sean Kong (20 top awards Young Talent Project 92.4 FM), Jordan Chok Jia Shen (Associate of Trinity College London), Meriky (Associate of Trinity College London), Zhao Chen Xi (Associate of Trinity College London).

2013 Sylvia Ng Piano Student Achievement: Sharon Saik (Diploma of the Associated Board Royal School of Music), Claris Hwang,4 (Gr 5 ABRSM Merit), Chan Yi Si (Distinction), Tan Jin En (Distinction),Meriky (Gr 8 Merit), Jacobina Koh (Merit), Andrew Lawson (Distinction), Joseph Chan (Merit), Clive Chan (Distinction), Jeremiah Neoh (Merit),Lee Wen Han Matthew (Distinction), Crystal Hwang (Merit), Alexander Lawson (Merit), Elaine Alexander (Distinction), Tan Hui Min (Merit), Vicky Hong (Gr 8 Merit), Maria Shantan (Merit), Angel Ling (Distinction), Francis Teo (Merit), Tan Hsin Yi (Distinction), Iman Khan (Distinction), Samuel Mc Murran (Merit), Tan Yong Yih (Merit), Faith Lim , 7 (Gr 5 Distinction), Bryan Lee (Merit), Cheryl Ann Tan (Merit), Azlena Lim (Distinction), Joshua Tan (Merit), Lawrence Li (Merit), Viktoriia Mytsk (Distinction), Derrick Ng (Merit), Lucaas Tan (Merit), Rachel Alexandra (Merit), Chan Si Min (Merit), Kiersten Yeo ( Merit), Rachel Koh (Merit), Leong Shu Ting (Merit), Sarah Zhu (Diploma of the Associated Board Royal School of Music), Axiom Kosasih (Highest scorer end of music exam Saint Joseph’s Institution), Jonathan Tay (Associated Trinity College of London), Julia Tan (Associated Trinity College of London).

2012 Sylvia Ng Piano Studio Student Achievement: Alvin Tan (Diploma ABRSM in Piano Performance), Chee Jek Yi (Gr 8 Distinction), Lee Wan Yi (Gr 8 Merit), Jasjit Singh (Distinction), Lee Wen Han (Distinction), Kor Jun Wei (Gr 7 Merit),  Rachel Koh (Distinction), Kiersten Yeo (Distinction), Daniela Arif (Distinction), Jennifer Chang (Distinction), Ethan Tan (Distinction),  Tan Yong Khai (Distinction), Angel Ling (Distinction), Ariet Faith Tan  (Merit),    Kayden (Merit),   See Chung Yi (Merit), Koon Tian Hui (Merit), Chan Si Min (Merit),  Derrick Ng  (Merit),    Vibhavi Kachroo  (Merit),  Crystal Hwang  (Merit),      Claris Hwang (3 year old, Gr 1 Merit), Cheryl Shua  (Merit),    Immaculate Maria  (Merit),   Rachel Ho (Distinction),  Brandon Ong (Distinction),  Rachel Jumeidi (Distinction), Lee Kai Hui Mathilda (Merit), Tommy Goana (Merit), Tan Jin En (Distinction),  Joshua Tan (Merit), Chan Yi Shi (Distinction), Crystl Tan (Merit), Sarah Lee (Merit), Odelle Tan (Merit), Wu Sze Han (Merit), Valerina Tjandra (Merit),  Vernis Chua (gr 8 Merit)

2011 Sylvia Ng Piano Studio Student accomplishment:  Vicky Hong (Gr 7 Distinction), Jacqueline Liew (Gr 8 Merit), Julia Tan (Gr 8 Distinction), Alex Lee Ern Che (Distinction), Alyssa Almas (Merit), Carol Jianing Gan (Distinction), John Ryan Yeo (High Merit), Koon Tian Hui (Merit), Lucinda Li Luyun (Merit), Lum Lap Hoi Aaron (Merit), Neo Minqi Rachel (Merit), Ezekiel Tan (High Merit), Vanissa Ong (Merit), Brendan Ong (High Merit), Bryan Chin (Merit), Lucas Tan Jin Kai (High Merit), Odelle Tan Simin (Merit), Rachel Jumeidi (Distinction), Jacobina Koh (Merit), Antonia Balbirnie (Merit), Chan Yi Shi (Distinction), Jonathan Leong Zhen Cong (Distinction), Tong Tung Kei (Merit),Rachel Ho (Distinction), Matthew Kaung (Distinction), Yeo Wei Shain (Distinction), Chiam Zheng (Merit), Tan Hui Min (Merit), Kenneth Mah (Distinction), Meriky (Distinction), Mark Tow (Distinction), Kiersten Yeo (Distinction), Zheng Jing Jing (Distinction), Jonathan Tay (Gr 8 Merit), Mavis Tan (Gr 7 Merit), Joy Teo (Merit), Lee Kern (Distinction), Chan Si En (Distinction), Derrick Ng (Distinction), Emma Yeo (Merit), Joelle Chan (Distinction), Ryan Tan (Merit), Teo Hock Hoe Francis (Merit), Charmaine Pang Shi Ying (Merit), Jonah Ryan Lim 12 (Associate Level Diploma), Jessica Quek,14 (Associate Level Diploma), Angela Tse (Merit).

 Wang Congyu: First Prize at Merignac International Piano Competition

2010 Sylvia Ng Piano Studio’s students accomplishmentsAnisha Meera Ratnam (five years old passed Grade 5 Theory ABRSM, believe to be the youngest), Jacqueline Liew (Gr 7 Distinction), Tong Tung Kei (Distinction), Suchita Ganesan (Merit), Bernice Ang (Merit), Chan Yi Si (High Distinction), Jennifer Claire Chang Li En (Merit), Rachel Jumeidi (Distinction), Christopher  David Jones (Merit), Joshua Dean Rong Jiow (Merit), Lee Wan Yii (Merit. Gr 7), Vibhavi Kachroo (Merit), Meriky (Distinction), Anisha Meera Ratnam (Gr 5, 5 year old), Tan Zheng Xuan Audrey (Merit), Joy Teo Chia Wen (Merit), Mark Tow  Zhi Kang(Merit), Luke Tow Zhi Wei (Distinction), Chen Jo Ann (Distinction), Hong Xinhua (Distinction), Sephion Lai (Merit), Mathilda Lee Kai Hui (Merit), Lum Lap Hoi Aaron (Merit), Ong Lam Yuan (High Distinction), Charmaine Pang Shi Ying (Distinction), Peng Juntian (High Distinction), Alysha Sarawasti Ratnam (Merit), Cheryl Ann Tan Li-Linn (Distinction) Sharon Saik  (Gr 8 Merit), Chan Z’Yann (Merit), Goh Lih Khuang (Gr 8), Vicky Hong (Merit), Celine Chua (Gr 8, 8 years old), Angela Tse Ying Xin (Merit), Claudia Neo (Distinction), Rachel Neo Minqi (Distinction).

Wang Congyu (1st Prize, International Piano Competition Bordeaux).

2009 Sylvia Ng Piano Studio’s students accomplishments: Wang Cong Yu and Wayne Teo (accepted at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Piano Performance Major), Wayne Teo (Associated Trinity College of London), Xin Yuan  (Associated Trinity College of London), Associated Board Royal School of Music: Tan Yan Zhang (Grade 8 , Merit), Tong Tung Kei (High Distinction), Joy Teo (Distinction), Luke Tow (Distinction) , Vernis Chua (Distinction), Alyssa Almas Mohamad Shamsuri (Distinction), Nikki Koh Wen (Merit), Koon Tian Hui (Distinction), Victoria Cheah (Merit), Chua Chen Wei (Merit), Erl Stanley Djaja (Merit), Russell Huang Min Tze (Merit), Daniel Lee (Merit), Charmaine Lee Jia Mian (Merit), Abigail Liew Xin (Merit), Jonah Ryan Lim Jin (Merit), Shanna Ng (Merit), Everard Ong Ze Ming (Merit), Poh Jia En, Felicia (Merit), Saniya Ramchandani (Merit), Nurin Nadhirah Rauzi (Merit), Claire Sridjaja (Distinction), Ian Sridjaja (Merit), Joy Teo Chia Wen (Distinction), Julian Wee Tze Kit (Merit), Wong Zhengwei (Merit), Yeo En Yan Emma (Merit), Allison Chow (Merit), Tan Yi Ling (Merit), Ryan Tan (Merit), Anthea Chua (Merit), Noah Tan (Merit), Perrie Lim (Merit), Prudence Lim (Merit), Nathalie Handoko (Merit), Elijah Lim (Merit).

2008  Sylvia Ng Piano Studio's students achievement: Alphonsus Tan (accepted at University of Melbourne Bachelor of Music Piano Performance), Wang Congyu (Finalist of Chopin Asean International Piano Competition), Chloe Ong (Diploma Associated Boards Royal School of Music), Ng Jianmin (Associated Trinity College of London- Distinction), Yap Hui San (Associated Trinity College of London),  Shaun Yong (Licentiate Trinity College of London, Distinction), Associated Board Royal School of Music:  Claire Ngam (Distinction), Jean Ann (Merit), Go Lih Khuang (Distinction), Clarissa Campos (Merit), Nicola Campos (Distiction), Ooi Jia Rui (Distinction), Jackie Sim (Distinction), Irvin Tang (Merit), Angela Tse (Merit), Chan Si Ya (Distinction), Chan Si Min (Merit), Kek Fong Yee (Distinction), Kek Tze Yee (Distinction), Maxx Chan Yuhang (Distinction), Goh Yu Kai (Merit), Chew Fang Ying Lynn (Distinction), Suchita Ganesan (Merit), Shane Lim (Merit), Tiffany Halim (Distinction), Everard Ong (Merit), Jacy Zhou (Merit), Nurin Nadhirah Bt Rauzi (Distinction),Mavis Tan (Merit),  Monica Liew (Merit), Wesley Quek(Merit), Tan Guan Yu (Merit), Sumona Chaudhuri (Merit), Victoria Lim (Merit), See Chung Yi (Merit), Rachel Ong (Merit), Chin Jing Zhi (Merit).

2006, 2007 Students of Sylvia Ng Piano Studio Asscociated Board Royal School of Music (London) Piano Practical Examination Results:

Ong En Yi (Diploma ABRSM in Piano Performance, Distinction), Tay Hui Qi (Licentiate Trinity College of London), Kristabella Low (Gr 8 Distinction), Ng Jing Han (Distinction), Ng Jing Chun ( Distinction), Jazell Leong (Distinction), Angela So (Distinction), Benjamin Woo (Distinction), Sharvanni Kim Jeya Putra (Distinction), Audrey Ng (Gr 8 Merit), Sarah Ang (Gr 8 Merit), See Yi Liang (Gr 8 Merit), Rachel Leung (Gr 8 Merit), Jolene Teo (Merit), Michelle Kwok (Merit), Chee Jek Yi (Merit), Moeka Teo (Merit), Joanne Ng (Merit), Daniel Lee (Merit), Camilla Lim (Merit), Sarah Zhu (Merit), Anabelle Lim (Merit), Stephanie Hung (Merit), Brendan Goh (Merit), Finn Chen (Distinction), Mavis Tan (Merit), Nicole Khan (Merit), Wang Hui Qi (Merit, Gr 8), David Tang (Distinction), Derek So (Merit), Tershenne Tan (Distinction), Elijah Lim (Distinction), Kek Fong Yee (Distinction), Kek Tzee Yee (Merit), Gabrielle Soh (Distinction), Jia Rui (Distinction), Jolie Tan (Distinction), Victoria Cheah (Merit), Charis Ong (Merit), Irvin Tang (Merit), Sharon Saik (Distinction)


 Ng Jing Chun and Ng Jing Han, Henry Park Primary School students, both received distinctions in their examinations after joining Sylvia Ng Piano Studio.




Celeste Ngiam started learning piano at the age 6.  She passed her practical exam scored high distinction in which she obtained full marks for her examination pieces.  Celeste Ngiam is a student at Peirce Secondary School.

Born a Singaporean in April 1997, Jessica Quek Sue Ern started her piano lessons at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio in July 2002and gave her first solo recital in January 2003 before a small audience. She was only 6 years old when she took her Grade 1 ABRSM practical and scored a high distinction 142. Since then, she has always maintained her distinction result for piano examinations. Jessica is a student at St. Margaret¡¯s Primary School. At the age of ten, in 2007, Jessica Quek has completed Grade 8 practical ABRSM

Teo Yi Lyn was born in Selangor, Malaysia in 1989. She started learning piano at the age of seven and has been a pupil at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio for seven years where she completed her grade one to Diploma ABRSM in Piano Performance. Yi Lyn is a student in the Gifted Education Programme at Raffles Girls¡¯ School (Secondary).

Kristabella Low, 12, started learning piano at the age of four. She has learned at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio for seven years. She gave her first concert when she was six. A student at Raffles Primary School, Gifted Education Program, has excelled not only in her school but also in her piano. She completed her grade one to grade eight piano examinations and scored distinctions throughout. She enjoyed playing piano as it is a form of relaxation.



Jolene Teo, started learning the piano at the age of six.  She has been performing piano in concert regularly and passed her piano examination with honors.  She is a student at Canossa Convent Primary School.


Shen Jing Jing was born at Wuxi, a beautiful city in China. She moved to Singapore in July 2000, and started learning piano a few months later. During her study at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio, she has passed all piano examinations with distinction, her highest achievement was mark 142. She has been performing piano regularly in Singapore.  Jing Jing is a student of primary 3 in Qifa Primary School.

"It has been a Terrific Experience..." Tay Hui Qi, Raffles Girls Secondary School student,  passed the Licentiate Trinity College of London in 2007  when learning at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio


Born in Singapore in 1989,EnYi started learning piano at the age of 6.  She was a student at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio for six years where she passed her Gr 5 to Diploma ABRSM in Piano Performance with Distinction.  An excellent student, En Yi attends Raffles Girls Secondary School and is in Gifted Education Programme.

Janna Yang has been learning piano at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio since 2000
where she completed her grade 8. She is now pursuing her diploma in music.
At a very young age, Janna was also a teacher at MOE school.

Born in Singapore in 1987, Audrey Wong started learning piano at the age of 7. She started learning at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio in 2001 where she then completed her diploma. Audrey is a graduate from Raffles Girls School, and she is now attending Hwa Chong JC.


Marie Lim was born in Singapore in 1993. She started learning the piano at the age of four and by the age of eleven, she passed the ABRSM Grade 8 with distinction and has completed her Recital in DipABRSM. Marie is not only excel in her piano, but also in her academic studies and had achieved high distinction for Mathematics and distinction for English in the University of New South Wales 2004 International competition for school. During her study at Sylvia Ng Piano Studio, she gave her debut recital and other solo recitals.


Born in Tokyo, 1976, Masaki has been performing piano regularly in Japan. His first piano performance was the concert of a Waseda Piano Society. Besides his interest in music, Masaki also enjoys teaching language for Japanese students in Singapore.

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